We Offer Mobile Car Diagnostic Services & Programming Services

Established in 2015 Oliveston Ltd  provides chip solutions for industrial and automotive electronics users, and provides customers with professional technology and services throughout the entire life cycle of products from model selection and evaluation, development and design, testing and certification to mass production and anti-counterfeiting providing excellent value for customers and suppliers.

Body control is an important part of automotive electronics. With the development of the times, people's requirements for vehicle safety and comfort continue to increase, and body electrical equipment is becoming increasingly diverse, complex and intelligent. We have been deeply involved in body electronics for many years, and have accumulated a number of body electronic control solutions, which can provide manufacturers with complete solutions and lay a solid foundation for future "body domain" controllers.

The engine anti-theft locking system is a kind of chip that is installed in the ignition key. This chip has a global unique ID fixed inside the factory. Only when the obtained key chip ID matches the engine ID and is authenticated by a specific security algorithm can the car be started. . It can effectively prevent illegal forced short circuit start.

The PEPS system is an automotive electronics technology developed in recent years. Vehicles equipped with PEPS systems can be unlocked, locked, opened the trunk, started the vehicle, and automatically turned on the headlights without taking out the key. The operation is convenient for the owner to use the vehicle.

Design and production of devices supporting the repair and diagnostics of electronic controllers used in the automotive industry.

Expertise for companies, scope - electronic locks, electronic keys, RFID technology.

Service activities in the segment of electronic controllers used in car vehicles.

Car Engine Diagnostic Tests

Has a warning light or fault code has appeared on your dashboard?

If so an engine diagnostics test can help identify and trouble-shoot potential

issues. Our engine diagnostic equipment is state-of-the-art, combined with

our highly trained technicians means we can quickly identify and advise

on any repairs needed.

  • Full mobile car diagnostic services
  • No membership required
  • We come to your home, place of work or at the roadside
  • Full range of faults diagnosed including engine management,
  • ABS, airbag and gearbox faults
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Spare Keys
  • Lost Keys